Music has been an important part of Clay’s life since before he can even remember. His earliest memories of music include attending church with his Grandmother. “Granny” as she is called by all those that knew her best, sparked a love for musical expression through gospel hymns sung at church and at home.


Clay remembers singing these gospel songs with his Granny and feeling a wonderful release of spirit. Sometimes he would forget the words and she encouraged him to make up his own. Clay’s interest in music continued to flourish listening to the popular music his parents enjoyed. They listened to Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, George Jones, Don Williams, Elvis, you get the idea.

Not straying far from his musical roots, Clay fuses the music of his childhood into a sound uniquely his own. His music is diverse, fresh and reflects the rich musical heritage of his native state of Texas. From country swing to rockin’ blues to folk ballads, his talent as a songwriter, vocalist, arranger, and performer will make you laugh, cry and dance.

Clay entertains fans of alternative country music all over the state of Texas and it is in the live venues that you will hear and see what we’re talking about. Clay released his debut self titled CD in July 2001 and has promoted it making numerous friends and fans along the way. In 2007 he came out with the 11 track release, “Another Day”. These were followed by the fan favorites “Live at the Armadillo Palace, Part 1” and “Live at the Armadillo Palace, Part 2”, a collection of originals and cover songs in his own unique style and arrangements – backed by a stellar group of musicians.

These days Clay can be found playing mostly acoustic solo or duo shows with the occasional full-band outing. Rumor has it that there might be a new album in the works too ……. so stay tuned.